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Spring has sprung! Or at least we hope Spring will be springing soon! Celebrate Spring, plant life, rain, the colours of the rainbow, birds and more. Plenty of activities to launch the children in your service into their own play and explorations of Spring themes.



Hairy Grass Heads

Small World Sensory Play

Potting Up

I Am a Seed

How a Seed Grows


Wiggly Worms

Rain Rain Go Away

Oh to Be a Duck

Birds Nest

Listen to the Rain

Hungry Birds

Colour Quest

Invent an Insect

Paint the Sky

Puddle Play

Rainbow Scarves

Rainy Day Differences

Secret Fairy Garden

Spring Showers Water Play

Spring Songs

The Wind at Work

Where Is My Baby

Construct a Water Wall

Visit a Florist

Aistear Observations

Download and print out these observation sheets to make individual observations. The Aistear framework specifies that your curriculum should always be responsive to the children's interests. Use our curriculum plans as a starting point and then be led by the children to plan future curriculum and discussions. Sample observation sheet »

By using observation sheets, you have well-documented evidence that you are working within the Aistear guidelines.

Aistear Observation Sheet

Aistear/Montessori Observation Sheet

Weekly Observations (Simple)

Weekly Observations (Detailed)