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Spooky fun for Halloween! Witches, ghosts and goblins will be wandering around your service this October.



Erupting Pumpkin

Pumpkin Painting

Creepy Hands

Mini Pumpkin Toss

Halloween Snack Time

Counting Spiders

Printable Spider Catcher

Fun Facts About Spiders

Giant Spider Web Weaving

Halloween Gloop

Painting with Spiders

Play Dough Spiders

Spider Races

Spider Themed Interest and Science Table

Spider Web Balance

Fine Motor Spider Web Activity

Printable Spider Images

Giant Spider Web

Invisible Witch

Miserable Jemima

Mummy Toys

Bone Investigators

Party Game Booo-ling

Party Game Get The Ghost Out 1

Party Game Get The Ghost Out 2

Party Game Nasty Knock Out 1

Party Game Nasty Knock Out 2

Sticky Spider Webs


Pop Out Pumpkin

Spooky Stories

DIY Dress Up

DIY Dress Up Part 2

Crazy Scientist

Revolting Recipes

Halloween at Home

Pumpkin Faces


Creepy Ice Cubes

Witchs Broom

Explore Pumpkins


Magic Spells

Bring in a Torch

Peek a Boo

Aistear Observations

Download and print out these observation sheets to make individual observations. The Aistear framework specifies that your curriculum should always be responsive to the children's interests. Use our curriculum plans as a starting point and then be led by the children to plan future curriculum and discussions. Sample observation sheet »

By using observation sheets, you have well-documented evidence that you are working within the Aistear guidelines.

Aistear Observation Sheet

Aistear/Montessori Observation Sheet

Weekly Observations (Simple)

Weekly Observations (Detailed)