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This pack has been designed to support an anti-bias curriculum by providing some practical ideas to allow exploration of diversity & equality in an early years setting.

It is hoped that educators would adapt any activity ideas to suit the cohort of children within any given service.

The principles of Aistear & Siolta underpin the approach used to explore the theme.

A comprehensive guide to diversity & equality education can be sourced through the Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Charter & Guidelines for Early Childhood Care & Education. DCYA 2016.

It is hoped that much fun & learning will take place while implementing the activity ideas that support an inclusive approach in the early years.



Lesson Plan 10 - Welcome Poster in All the Languages Used in the Setting

Lesson Plan 9 - Puzzle Me Up

Lesson Plan 8 - Guess Who I Am

Lesson Plan 7 - Washing Baby Dolls

Lesson Plan 6 - A Rainbow of Friends

Lesson Plan 5 - Different Ways of Being in the World

Lesson Plan 4 - Diversity Through Story

Lesson Plan 3 - All Kinds of Families Families of All Kinds

Lesson Plan 2 - I Am Me

Lesson Plan 1 - Same and Different

Celebrating Difference

Aistear Observations

Download and print out these observation sheets to make individual observations. The Aistear framework specifies that your curriculum should always be responsive to the children's interests. Use our curriculum plans as a starting point and then be led by the children to plan future curriculum and discussions. Sample observation sheet »

By using observation sheets, you have well-documented evidence that you are working within the Aistear guidelines.

Aistear Observation Sheet

Aistear/Montessori Observation Sheet

Weekly Observations (Simple)

Weekly Observations (Detailed)